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First Yak

Hi, I am João. I am in 11th grade at The Lawrenceville School, NJ. I am from Brazil, more specifically the Amazon.

At Lawrenceville, I have played soccer and currently am a cross-country and track and field athlete. I enjoy physical activity overall. Besides sports, I also enjoy Rocketry and am a member of the International Students Association. Next year, I will serve as a prefect at the Griswold House.

In the classroom, I enjoy Mathematics and History. Moreover, one of my favorite courses at Lawrenceville was Introduction to Religious Studies, when I studied Islam for the first time. I was impressed by such a different, vast and interesting culture. Therefore, I wanted to get to know this culture better, and Morocco is a great place to start. Morocco’s cultural history amazes me.

Lastly, I have never been elsewhere besides the United States and Brazil, though I enjoy traveling. I am excited to have families host our group. I believe I will learn a lot from a culture I have never experienced. I do not know French or Arabic, and stepping out of my comfort zone excites me. Traveling to Morocco with students and teachers from The Lawrenceville School will be a marking experience for me.