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Greetings from Dali!

大家好!Hi Everyone!

My name is Yizhe Li (李艺哲). You can also call me Patricia. I am very happy to be back with Dragons this summer and leading my 3rd China language course.

Currently I am living in Dali, Yunnan Province and we are going to spend most of our summer in Yunnan. Although I come from northern China, Shandong province, I’ve enjoyed my time in Yunnan because of the unique local ethnic culture, fabulous landscapes, and most importantly, fresh air and ever-changing clouds make me feel like this is my second hometown. I believe when we visit various cities or towns in Yunnan, you will understand how I feel.

I have been running a project called Dali Eco House for almost 2 years with the help of 89 volunteers. The house has become a community center to promote zero waste and minimalism lifestyle. As an only child in my family, due to China’s one child policy, I felt for the first time how important it is to live in an environment with a healthy community and that we could learn so much from each other. If it’s possible, I would like to show you the community here and how we live a simple life in the village, but a happy one.

We always learn something new from other people. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy doing Dragons programs in China, because I can learn from you all too. I can’t wait to spend an amazing 6 weeks with you all soon.

Writing from Dali, Yunnan
Yizhe (Patricia) Li