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A sadu sitting along the ghats of the Ganges River. Photo by Jen Goings, India Semester.

Hello and a request!

Dear Dragons Students,

I am sitting on my deck drinking coffee thinking about the days I have spent in India and how excited I am to explore it once again with you all. I have spent about a year in India spread out over multiple adventures. My favorite experiences have been in the heat of Varanasi sun people watching along the Ganga-ji ghats and spending time in the Himalayas in Dalai Lama’s place of exile, learning alongside the Tibetan children.  We will spend many days together exploring the beautiful combination of cultures, customs and quirks that constitute the subcontinent (alliteration to the max!). I cannot wait to meet each of you and experience the days together!

My request: Please introduce yourself and answer at least one of these questions (and post a photo!):

  1. What is your relationship with material possessions and how do you think the relationship may be different/similar in India?
  2. What is your understanding of religious plurality in India? How does that compare to where you’re from?
  3. What do you feel is the reason for the Tibetan diaspora? Did your ancestors experience any similarities?
  4. What drives you to want to experience India? What aspect of Indian culture and/or community are you most interested in?