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Hello from Qian Ping

Hi everyone, I’m Qianping, and will be one of your instructors for the course this summer, along with Marcus and Zhaoling. As I am currently in New York and waiting very patiently for spring to actually come, it is with great anticipation that I wait for summer, and the time that we will spend together in China.

I have lived in both Asia (mostly in Singapore) and the United States and grew up speaking English and Mandarin, though many of my good friends will highlight that I do have the propensity to mix both English and Mandarin when I speak! I’ve previously spent quite a lot of time in China on college exchange programs and for personal travel. One of my favorite places in China is Hangzhou, where the Xihu (West Lake) is always amazingly calm and I feel that time slows down and the days can pass by rather blissfully while sipping tea perched in a teahouse with a view of the lake.

One of my personal interests is Chinese film, and in particular, Chinese documentary as I am fond of investigating how these representations interact with historical narratives that might be at play in the larger public sphere. I have found it true for myself that, in addition to visiting a place repeatedly, film enables me to see spaces and histories through different lenses and brings to light many of my underlying assumptions. I highly recommend films by Jia Zhangke – one of my favorite films of his being “Still Life” – and would be happy to hear any of your recommendations. That said, I do watch quite a bit of Chinese television dramas too – more on this when we meet perhaps 🙂

I’m excited to meet all of you, and look forward to this journey we will take together.

– Qianping