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Hi Everyone :)

Hello everyone, My name is Natacha I am 16  and I have always dreamt to become a traveler. My ultime goal is to become a journalist. The main reason why is because I have a lot of country written down on my list. I am an half breed as I like to say. My dad is a French man from the upper class and my mother a Brazilian woman from a very modest Background.  The mixture of two different cultures, different education, different landscapes, different lives.  I lived half of my life in Paris with my French family. Then seven years ago Sao Paolo also became my home. My education rests on both french and Brazilian culture. And believe me, this is the best gift that has ever been given to me.

“Where do you prefer to live ? “

Can I not have preferences ?

I visited many countries and I can’t tell which one is my favorite, which one I would like to live for the rest of my life. That is because every each of them charmed me for their particularities. But have I already really travelled from my short 16 years old experience? I strongly believe I never have for the moment. That is why I am coming to Bolivia to test myself, for a brand new challenge, a new step in my life. And I hope I’ll become a better version of myself in your company.

Oh ! And this is the first time I visit another country in south america !!!

See you soon