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My name is Mikkel, and I’m in 11th grade at The Lawrenceville School, and I’m originally from New Jersey as well. At Lawrenceville, I’ve participated in many community service events, even being a summer camp counselor for younger girls for three weeks last summer, and I plan on returning to the camp again this upcoming summer. I help prospective students both as a tour guide and also an admission blogger, writing about various experiences at Lawrenceville. Next year, I am going to be a prefect, similar to a residential advisor in college, for the incoming freshman class. I’ve taken many classes over my Lawrenceville career, including Biology, French, and World History to name a few. Outside of class I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse either for the school or recreationally, and enjoy physical activity in general.

In regard to my travel experience, the farthest I’ve ever been from New Jersey was Key West, Florida for about a week. This will be my first and longest international trip. I look forward to being able to indulge in a new culture so intimately through staying with host families for some time. I think it would also be beneficial to visit a place where I have the opportunity to practice French outside of the classroom with native speakers.