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Cambodia Summer Program.


Choum Reap Sou! Hello everyone!

My name is Seavyi. I am so thrilled to be a part of this upcoming trip. I can’t wait to be working together with each and every one of you to create the most fun and experiential trip out in this beautiful country of mine. As a local who was born and raised here in Cambodia, I can assure you this country is very rich in culture, history and art. Not to mention all the kind and friendly people whom we will meet along the trip.

A little about myself, I love meeting new people, exploring new things and taking all the challenges when life gives such opportunity. I believe that creativity and profound ideas come from the exchange of stories and experiences from one another. Personal growth is the result of the challenges that we face in life, which result in us gaining new experiences. Hence, I like to surround myself with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultures. From this belief and practice, it allows me to see the bigger picture of the world we live in and how connected we are as a community.

When not leading any trip, you’ll find me on my bike with a camping tent, chasing the sunset and exploring Cambodia as well as its neighboring countries. Or in the forest somewhere searching for the waterfall.

That being said, let’s get you ready for this wonderful adventure because I know I am!