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Instructor Introduction

Salamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you) السلام عليكم

My name is Badr: It is Arabic for “full moon”. All Arabic names has meanings – pride, glory, peace, dreamy, beauty and more. Maybe you will pick one for yourself here in Morocco.

Alongside Shino, I will be your instructor for the next month’s program. Since this is a space where we get to know each other, I want to tell a little bit about myself. I was born in Sale, the sister city of the capital Rabat, where I actually live with my wife Elizabeth. However, what I call home is a small town 51 KM east of Rabat called Tiflet. I grew up all over the country due my father’s job in the military. For that, I feel blessed to have the chance to meet people from different communities and to create so many wonderful relationships that have shaped me to become the person I am today, a teacher.

Before joining Dragons, I was teaching English to underprivileged kids in orphanages and youth centers. And before that, I worked for Peace Corps Morocco for 4 years teaching Moroccan Arabic (‘’Darija’’) and culture to American volunteers. I love teaching and I am very curious about my own language and culture and the different factors that came to create it, and I would be so happy to share my passion with you.

I am a curious person. When I got the chance to leave my small town I did. I wanted to learn more about myself as a Moroccan and about my own culture. In doing so, I have travelled to so many places and lived in so many communities. I have learned so much about the richness of my own culture and the kind heart of my people. I also learned that I still have much to learn. I can honestly tell you that I grew up so much as a person through my travels and I praise you guys for doing the same thing. When you travel you invest in yourself to become a better person — towards yourself and towards other people.

Shino and I are looking forward to taking you on this journey to teach you more about Morocco, answer your questions about its culture and its people, and help you create wonderful memories you can carry back home.