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I am currently in 10th Grade. Some of my interests are playing squash and music. I love socializing with friends and making new ones too. The only Muslim country I have been to is Malaysia, but that was when I was about as big as 7 iron. I have never been to a country in Africa or the Middle East. So going to Morocco will be a truly unique experience. I’m also glad I am going with such a great group of students as travelers, not tourists. The culture will be so different from what I have and had. I want to go on this trip with a modest, open-mind to experience as much as I can. I hope that this trip will be one that will expand my world view and last as a memory I can cherish for a long time.

Just as Iyer said in his writing, “Abroad is the place where we stay up late, follow impulse and find ourselves as wide
open as when we are in love. We live without a past or future, for a moment at least, and are ourselves up for grabs and open to interpretation. We even may become mysterious — to others, at first, and sometimes to ourselves — and, as no less a dignitary than Oliver Cromwell once noted, ‘A man never goes so far as when he doesn’t know where he is going.'”