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Hi everybody!

My name is Esha, and I’m a sophomore at the Lawrenceville School, a boarding school located in central New Jersey. However, my family and I are from Chicago, IL. Throughout the year, I play field hockey and softball, but I also love to play the piano, listen to music, and paint. Some of my favorite places I have traveled to have been  A quote that really stood out to me from the Why We Travel reading was “And even as the world seems to grow more exhausted, our travels do not, and some of the finest travel books in recent years have been those that undertake a parallel journey, matching the physical steps of a pilgrimage with the metaphysical steps of questioning.” I think this is a really valuable parallel the author draws out that emphasizes leaving your comfort zøne. A hope I have for this trip is to get a chance to interact with Moroccan youth that are my age to see what life for them is like. A goal for me on this trip is to really try and gain an understanding of the Berber people and their culture, and I am very excited for homestays and the opportunity to see Moroccan cultural landmarks.