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Introduction-Noam Backner

Hi All!

This is Noam, and first of all let me express my gratitude to you all for joining the Dragons Silk road adventure 2019. At the moment writing from far away Istanbul, the fabled terminus of the Great Silk Road, I can barely suppress my excitement towards this year’s program.

My fascination with the region goes  way back, when I first visited Central Asia more then ten years ago. I was so thrilled by the experience that I actually ditched my Biology studies, and moved University so I could focus on the history, cultures and languages of this vast region. My focus on Iranian and Ancient Chinese history and the paths which connects them, led me into a kaleidoscopic journey through the different eras, religions, topographies and artistic genres of what I see as the most fascinating region on the planet.

I have been living in China on and off for the last four years,  zigzagging most of my time between west China and the ex-Soviet regions of Central Asia. In the last few years I’ve been designing and leading my own boutique tours in China and Central Asia, and continue with my studies whenever I have spare time.

I am mostly interested in Buddhist history, art and philosophy, Sufism and Chinese Islam, the history and function of trade routes, and environmental issues, and I hope to share some of my passions with you en route.

The Silk Road is a tantalizing human experience, and one that might help us understand the way that human societies blend, melt and dissolve into each other , and I hope this great journey will help us better understand our modern world, our own societies, and perhaps, a bit of ourselves.

Waiting to see you all on the Silk Roads.