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Julio’s Introduction

Hello everyone,

The countdown has started! I hope that you are doing well and are as excited as I am for this upcoming trip! I can’t wait to meet you and learn from everyone. My name is Julio and I have over ten years of experience facilitating and leading educational programs designed to promote cross-cultural understanding in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, I have experience facilitating vocational and technical training opportunities for underrepresented youth in the country. When I’m not leading experiential learning trips, I serve as a liaison for my community, Batey Libertad, with an education focused nonprofit that works to support development in my community and others like it. Since joining the Where There Be Dragons team in 2018, I’ve been serving as an instructor providing high quality experiential education experiences where we explore complex themes like culture, music, race, migration, agriculture, and the environment in the Dominican Republic.

I like to explore the different types and rhythms of music from the world. Our national music is merengue and bachata, and while, bachata is more popular internationally, I prefer merengue. Because of my Haitian origin, I also love kompa and  jazz. And while I wanted to keep it a secret, I know my co-instructor Chelsea will tell you– I’m also a rapper in a band. Our group uses diverse sounds and rhythms from the Caribbean to create our unique sounds. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn and practice dancing some of our traditional music here!

I am so excited to meet each one of you and go on this adventure of a lifetime!

I’m sending you a big abrazo from the Dominican Republic!