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Photo by Grace Powell, South America Semester.


Hello All,
The 2019 Global Trip to Bolivia has successfully settled in Sucre. After a long day and a half of travel, the picturesque aritumayu is the perfect place to decompress. Additionally, the bus ride here gave us the most gorgeous perspective of one of Bolivia’s capital cities. In the aritumayu, we’ve endulged the most delicious food, watercolored landscapes, taken the world’s best naps, and taken in gorgeous views of the night stars.

This morning, we’ve discussed the importance of how we conduct ourselves on this trip and how to best connect with ourselves and new environment. Using our P.E.N. check-ins, we’ve come to learn more about our classmates and how they’re feeling so far. Discussing our time thus far physically, emotionally, and needs-wise has gotten us in touch with our experiences. We also went through a comfort zones activity where we got to see how our peers are feeling now and how they anticipate they’ll feel in certain situations. Today we also picked names from a hat to determine which of our peers we will be “observing” as a “secret friend” for the duration of our trip. At the end, we’ll share what they did well and how they took advantage of our stay here. Overall, we can all agree on one thing: don’t drink any tap water!

-Arin Francis and Sarah Sullivan on behalf of the 2021 Global Class