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Student Introduction: Hi, I’m Matthew!

Hi everyone,

大家好! First of all, I’m super excited to go on this trip with you all. My name’s Matthew (aka 蒋潇岳), and I’m from San Francisco, California. In terms of my Mandarin abilities, I’d go with competent? I’ve been taking Chinese extracurricularly for some time, but I’ve taken formal high school lessons for 2 years, as my middle school only offered Spanish. The only times I get a chance to speak Mandarin out of class are with my grandmother, for the most part. So I’m really thrilled to have this opportunity to learn Mandarin in such a stimulating and immersive environment.

In terms of myself, I suppose I should talk a little about my hobbies. The activity I love most in the world is cooking; I cook nearly every day, and I’m extremely excited to learn more about Yunnanese cuisine. I also love music, especially classical/jazz, and I’ve been playing piano for around 12 years. Finally, I’m really interested in politics and world affairs, and I do MUN (Model United Nations) and am a representative in Student Council.

Here’s a few photos of me: one is me in England with my brother, one is me in France, and one is me at my prom this year.

Anyway, that was my brief introduction. Again, I’m so excited to go on this trip with everyone. See you in around a month!



P.S. To the instructors: Regarding the technology policy, are E-readers specifically for reading only allowed?