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Queridxs Dragones,

This is a really important Yak to start building our community. Thanks for reading this carefully and working on the assignments that we think will enrich your experience!

We have some assignments for you that will help us all to start engaging with the themes we’re going to be learning about and get to know our travel companions, so that we’re all on the same page and super excited when the course begins.

Please make sure that you work on these tasks. This will show your commitment to the course, which is always important to see when we are traveling in a group.

  1. Post an introduction YAK– We are wondering WHO YOU ARE- what makes your heart happy, what do you do with your free time? What are the things you are most eager to experience and to learn about on this course? What role does this course play in your life?
  1. Talk with an Instructor– One of us will be getting in touch with you to arrange a phone call very soon. We know you’ve been talking with people at Dragons a lot, but now you can talk with the people you’re actually going to be traveling with. We like to hear your voices, give you a chance to ask questions, and get to know each other a little. Please check your email so we can schedule a call.
  2. Read and share– Please Read Why We Travel by Pico Iyer and write down your favorite quote from this article, we will be talking about this as a group when we start our course.

Before arriving in Peru it will be important to know a bit about the current situation, and we would like to emphasize environmental issues. Here we share with you some news, an article and a documentary. Please choose at least two of these resources and share some reflections/reactions in your Intro Yak.

Illegal mining in the Amazon at unprecedented levels, high-tech mapping could thwart criminals

Climate Change Could Destroy His Home in Peru

How the Potato Changed the World

Hija de la Laguna

  1. Practicar Español!– Being in Peru will be a wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish! But why wait until you get there if you can start now to develop those skills? Empieza ahora! Listening to music in Spanish is a good idea, maybe you are lucky enough to find your favorite book in Spanish 🙂

Thanks all!

Colleen, Ben and Paola