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BYP Indonesia 2.0 just arrived back in Jogja, marking the end of X-Phase and the beginning of our last two weeks in Jogjakarta. Here’s a brief summary of the things we did during our last half of X-Phase (:

After leaving the Langa Community, we headed to Riung, a nice place to decompress, relax, and reflect, getting to spend some time on the beach that turned out to be a dock, not a beach (this is the pink sunset photos). During one of the last days in Riung, we went on the 17 Islands snorkeling tour, where we island hopped, snorkeled, saw flying foxes (giant, adorable bats), had a big fish (and vegetarian option) barbecue on the beach, and did a short sunset hike.

After our time in Riung came to a close, we went up to Ruteng, where we had a slumber party at our hostel and learned about the Manggarai culture, visiting a traditional village, making friends, and subsequently inviting those friends with us on a trip to the local market. Our last morning in Ruteng, we stopped by the spiderweb rice fields, as pictured to the side.

We spent many hours waiting for our flight in Labuan Bajo (the roof picture), switching off who watches bags and who gets to explore the beautiful diving city and eat expensive sushi.

We arrived in Bali, and stayed about a full day there as a result of flight cancellation. But everything worked out well! The Marvel fans finally got to watch Endgame in theaters, some of us visited the sea turtle conservation society in Bali, and others had a blast learning to surf!