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A day in the life of Beijing 101

On Tuesday, we got to experience the class dynamic as we shadowed our students as they went through their classes until lunch. I found it very funny to see most of the class not actually participating in class. Some were playing games on their phones, some were working on assignments for other class, and some were watching dramas or basketball games. They also weren’t really hiding it. It was fun experiencing this odd class dynamic, since it differs greatly from our classes at NA with our stricter phone policy. A fun highlight of the day was the “exercise” that we did on the field, where we were led by around 5 students standing in the stadium into some sort of pose/dance sort of thing with some upbeat music. It included some intense arm movements, punches, and kicks. We all tried to copy what they were doing throughout it all, but I think we all enjoyed this odd morning activity. After we had our lunch, we toured the beautiful Yuan Ming Yuan, or the Old Summer Palace, park that held much historical importance as the one of the emperors’ favorite places for relaxation. We held a competition to see who could take the best picture with the prize of some desired Chinese Snickers. Blake and Leo won with a controversial photo to put it at best. Afterwards, we returned to the International Department, and we did separate activities with our host students. Some went to sports practices, and others hung out or went shopping. I went with a group to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We all had fun competing with the Chinese students, but then we were finally worn out from all the running and the heat. Overall, though, I think Tuesday was a great day to experience class life and seeing the beautiful history of China.