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A pre- course assignment: Getting to know you and your Host Country


You might be as excited as we are right now. Traveling abroad like in Madagascar can be a great life experience to learn, to grow and to rediscover ourselves. We have put together some ideas that will stimulate the learning experience and to start the ball rolling.

Assignment #1: Post an introduction Yak!

Introduce yourself with a picture to the group on our Yak board. We would like to know each one of you .You can also share your passion.

Assignment #2: Talk with one of your instructors!

We know you have been talking with people at Dragons a lot, but now you can talk with the people you’re actually going to be traveling with. We would like to hear your voices, give you a chance to ask questions, and get to know each other a little. You might have been contacted by one of us. If not, please check your email or your phone so we can schedule a phone call very soon with each one of you.

Assignment #3: Watch These Videos!

As you have read, Madagascar is an island of diversity with 22 regions, which are all different. To help prepare for a positive, and productive experience in Madagascar it’s helpful to take some time and have some prior information. Here are some links to see some situations in Madagascar and we want to hear your opinion :

Introduction to Madagascar:

Education in Madagascar:

Assignment #4: Over to you!

Get back to our tentative itinerary. Go online and gather information about Madagascar’s:

  • history
  • education
  • language with a few phrases
  • Political system
  • the cultural differences
  • plans to align with the new culture
  • appropriate verbal and nonverbal behavior
  • (including phonetic pronunciations) in the appropriate language that you could use

We would like to hear from you at the orientation in Madagascar as a group. And if you have questions, you can reach out to us prior to our departure.

Micah: [email protected]/ + 62 821 375551720

Colin:  [email protected] / +1 610 248 3402

Sidonie: [email protected]/+1 719 313 37 51

Madra-pihaona/ see you soon/ A bientot!

Micah, Colin and Sidonie.