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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

A: Shorts in Morocco?

Hi ya’ll,

Here to quickly clarify a packing question – while the great diversity of Morocco is indeed reflected in the varying sartorial choices of its residents, it is true that short pants are not generally worn in the day to day life of most people. Long pants are normally worn throughout the year by most people in Morocco, so that is what we encourage our students to wear throughout the trip. If you’d like to bring a pair of shorts to sleep in or hang around in hotel rooms wearing, thats fine, but don’t expect to be wearing shorts on a daily basis. You should, though, bring a bathing suit, as we hope to do some swimming during transference, and potentially if other bodies of water present themselves to us during our travels. Think conservatively when considering swimwear, and female students generally feel most comfortable wearing shorts and shirts (bikinis are not very common, and we don’t recommend bringing them).

If you have further questions about this, please reach out.

Looking forward to meeting soon!