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An Introduction


My name is Maya Winfield. I’m 16 years old and just finished my sophomore year of high school. I live in Denver, Colorado and go to East High School.

I love running and run cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring. I also play the cello and participate in the choir at school. I have taken Spanish for about ten years, but have only recently gotten more involved and intense with it. (My family and I went to Spain last summer, and my dad decided to learn Spanish on Duolingo. He has a 285-day streak!) I am very excited to improve my Spanish skills and be immersed in a Spanish-speaking country.

Living less than an hour from the Rocky Mountains allows my family and I to hike, backpack, rock climb, bike, camp, or ski year-round. I love the outdoors and have climbed four 14ers and completed two 5-day backpack trips. I’m looking forward to experiencing and exploring a new country through nature and learning with some incredible people as well as experiencing a new culture.

A song that describes my feelings about this trip would be Up Up Up by the GIVERS.

My mom’s great-grandfather and his wife emigrated from Poland. My mom’s grandfather, many years later, changed his last name to sound less Jewish (Slavitsky to Slade). My mother’s maiden name is still Slade.

I can’t wait to meet you all soon!


P.S. The “x” in Dragoncitxs makes it gender neutral. Instead of saying Dragoncitos (referring to a male noun) or Dragoncitas (female), the noun becomes inclusive for everyone; male, female, or other.