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Photo by Parker Pflaum, Summer 2014

Arrived in Dali

Today we traveled from our village homestay in Kunming to a hotel in Dali.

The day started with a brutal 5:30 wake up, followed by a 6:30 bus ride. This bus took us from our village to the Kunming train station. Once we passed security and bought tickets, the group split up in search for breakfast. The best find was a restaurant which sold chicken nuggets on par with Chick-fil-A– we are seriously missing some Western cuisine. From there we boarded our bullet train to Dali and arrived couple of hours later. We checked into our hotel, which has amazing lily pads and several tea tables. The hotel bathrooms were our group’s first opportunity to use a sitting and flushing toilet in four days. We then ate lunch at a restaurant which had especially good fried fish and especially adventurous chicken feet. We soon returned to our hotel and watched some soccer on TV to relax from our long day of travel.

We are currently gaining our bearings in the Old Town section of Dali and getting excited for a day of shopping tomorrow.