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Bye, Chefchauoen!!!

Hi, all! This is my first time writing a Yak post by myself, but I have so much to say and feel so lucky to be able to cover my favorite day yet! Today was our second and last day in Chefchauoen, and we have known for a while now that we would be hiking a rather challenging trail. We ate a large breakfast at a yummy restaurant in Morocco that included chocolate crepes and malwi that did a great job of fueling us for our walk ahead! On our drive over to the beginning of our hike, we were in a private van, so of course, we had to listen to music and sing karaoke. We haven’t listened to music in so long and it was so fun to hear Moroccan versions of some of our generation’s classics while also further bonding with the group. We begged Badr to play some of the songs at the festival in Raba, and all jammed to them. When we arrived, we were greeted with a scenic view of the INSERT mountains, but little did we know that that was just the beginning. After about an hour of trekking and laughing, we reached our first destination of the Bridge of Gods. From here we had an excellent view of mountains, and below us was a beautiful stream with clear blue water. We were so excited when we found out that we would be eating right next to the water! After a few harmless slips on the way down the mountain, we reached the river and I was so hot that I immediately stuck my head in it! It cooled me down a lot and pumped me up as we climbed over rocks to get to the base of the river where we could look up in one direction and see the bridge perfectly, but turn around to another and have the same view that we saw from the bridge, but from a different angle. We got so many pictures and can’t wait to show you all!! I think we can all say that the view was so rewarding that the hike was totally worth it. After resting there for a bit, we backtracked and ate chicken tajin and drank tea at a waterside restaurant further downstream.  We all tried to absorb that beautiful moment by taking five minutes of silence. I hope I remember it forever. This was a perfect end to the active section of our day, and we went full circle on the bus ride back by singing some more karaoke (including a detailed Morockstars cover of Bohemian Rhapsody!) Once we got back to Chefchauen, we collected ourselves and students all ate dinner together at a gorgeous rooftop restaurant as the sun set. While we definitely missed our teachers, but it was cool as this was the first time that we were able to be without them and not have to split up and a great end to our stay in Chefchaueon. After dinner, we split up and a few of our bought art prints of scenic areas in Chefchauoen and other bought snacks and knit jackets. Now, we are all settling in and getting prepared for our early morning ahead of us. Tomorrow, we are heading to Rabat and I will be waking everyone up at a crisp 430, so we have plenty to look forward to, but we will all miss Chefchaueon so much! It has by far been my favorite place we have been to yet and I am so excited to tell my family more about it when I get home! Bye, Chefchauoen!!