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Carter Wagner Introduction

Hi Everyone,

My name is Carter Wagner, I’m from Chicago Illinois and I am super excited to join you all on this trip. As far as Mandarin experience I have close to none. I began in 6th grade when I lived in Michigan just outside Detroit. I then moved to Chicago for 7th grade where my school only taught Hebrew. I continued with Mandarin for a year or two with outside tutoring. Now I’m ready and excited to get back into Mandarin.

I am very involved in Model UN and Student Government. I particularly like Model UN as the program has given me opportunities to travel internationally. I also love singing and playing instruments. I’m very invested in bass guitar and have started playing the ukulele. I love food and that is an aspect of this trip that I am excited for.

So excited and ready to meet all of you and participate in this amazing experience.

See you all in a few weeks,