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Chefchaouen Day 1

The day started earlier than usual. We woke up at an ungodly 4 AM as the first call to prayer rang throughout the streets of Fez. The purpose of was simple: stuff up on food before the sunrise. As one of the “Five Pillars of Dragons,” we decided that we would fast for a whole day. The group fasted not only from food but also from communicative habits, such as “like” or “wicked.” We then took a 4-hour bus ride up North to the blue city of Chefchaouen. We were introduced to the city with a Dragons hallmark scavenger hunt of the city. Though the blue paint in the city was not as accentuated as some of the photos online, the city was nevertheless “super zuin” (neck motion). The exploration in the new city helped the group take their minds off the fact that we haven’t eaten for so long. The hunt was followed by a short group session in the lobby of the hotel. Students enjoyed watching their teachers pair unknown facts with the right student. For the record, the teachers received a score of 1 out of 8, 12.5%, far below an F and potentially up against all-time low scores in the history of Lawrenceville. We then hiked up to the Spanish Mosque where we watched the sunset and broke our fast with oranges and pringles — what better combination? Finally, we came down the city square, had a large meal, and topped it off with Moroccan drumsticks. We are excited to see what the last couple days (wow already) has in store for us.
’till later 🙂