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We woke up with a breathtaking view that we would remember for the rest of our lives. As we ate breakfast that morning, we sat around the table talking and laughing while being surrounded by the mountains. Following our breakfast, we met at the base of the halfway house where we learned about a group activity. This activity was made to challenge us, as well as make us think as a group. During the activity we learned that we needed to work as a group and think as a group. In order to work as a whole not only should you express your opinion, but listen to others as well.

Communication is key and if everyone is on the same page, it makes the task much easier to take on. When attempting to complete the task, trial and error was the best use of our time. We applied our new and improved skills to the hiking of Tiger Leaping Gorge and we were able to finish the hike in less time than predicted. Communication is key.