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(Don’t) Spill the Cha

After a morning filled with games and Snickers, we settled down for an unforgettable tea experience. Not only were we taught all of the tea jargon, including the names of the instruments, but also the process of how to make the perfect cup. This involved pouring water in circles around the rim of the cup and making sure no leaves escape from the covered bowl. As we learned how to pour properly, we began to make the delicious tea for ourselves amid the splendid aroma of the room and the calming music. A brief history of tea in China followed, where we learned how it used to be served as medicine and later as a seasoning on food to enhance the flavor. The instructor informed us of a few of the six thousand different types of tea and old proverbs about tea, while we practiced our Chinese pronunciation. During our lesson, we made two types of tea: green and pu’er. Once our lesson concluded, we each drew an illustration with a proverb around the image, drawing inspiration from the room. Because of today’s invaluable lesson, we all are ready to begin working at Starbucks.