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ELECTRONICS POLICY and Internet Access in China

Hello Dragons-to-be,

Although it’s extremely difficult to be outside of current “digital world” without using social media, smart phone, etc., but we can guarantee you that the course will be much more terrific without these stuff.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Cell phones, computers, iPod Touch, iPads, or other tablets

If students arrive on course with any of the non-permitted items, they will be held by the instructors for the remainder of the course. Instructors are not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged.

If you need to bring your cell phone for communication with home during your travel to and from LA, that’s ok (although we’d encourage you to think about writing down phone numbers and calling from airport/pay phones along the way or using one of our phones to call home once you reach LA – for those of you on the group flight), but please understand that your instructors will be holding on to it once the program begins.

YOU CAN BRING: GoPro, music players only (none with phone/internet/wifi capabilities, such as iPod Minis), cameras, and Kindles or other E-readers (whose primary function is reading, not surfing the Internet).

What about adapters?

Don’t worry! Your average two-pronged MP3 charger will fit in Chinese sockets, and if not the instructor team will carry an adapter as necessary.

If necessary, you will have opportunities to connect with family, though we do encourage you to use yak board via our devices.

You might have heard of “internet censorship” in China. Google, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instegram, even Whats App have been blocked in China, which literally means that your cell phones will become “bricks” in China. So don’t take them with you.

Just prepare that you can’t access to your gmail account for one month. You can set up a new email address that is not a gmail account (Yahoo or QQ is a good choice). Then set up your Gmail emails to be forwarded to your Yahoo or QQ account.

So unplug yourselves and come with us to start the wonderful course!

See you soon!

Kristen, Tingting and Tony.