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Enjoy the silence

Today, our group went to a Tibetan Buddhist Temple about 30 minutes away from the village we are staying at. Tibetan Buddism is named after the lands of Tibet in China. Our instructors gave us about one hour to explore the temple; the catch was our group had to explore by themselves and with complete silence. When I was exploring through the temple, I respected and learned more about Tibetan Buddhism by myself than if I was in a group because of the complete silence we were ordered to have. The complete silence made me notice the little details in the artworks and the sculptures. Many other people in our group had similiar thoughts such as, it was peaceful, it was easier to explore, and it gave yourself a chance to think about what you were actually looking at within the temple. After the group discussed these opinions, we all decided as a group we would contiune these complete silence time periods at different times through the rest of the trip.