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Final Destination: Rabat

After almost 2 weeks of non-stop traveling and adventures, the MoRockStars have arrived at the last point: Rabat. This morning, I woke up to the sound of Birney’s alarm at 4:30am. Though it was not the most pleasant time to be up, we begrudgingly made our way to the Chefchaouen CTM bus station. The 4-hour ride was a breeze, seeing as most of us passed out the minute we sat down. I opened my eyes to the bright, modern sights of Rabat’s new city. Unlike the other cities we’ve been to, Rabat is most reflective of the modern day cities that us Lawrentians are used to. We taxied to our hotel and settled down. Badr then took us to one of his favorite lunch spots, excited to help us explore his home turf. After our stomachs were full, the group made their way to the Kasbah, which used to be a fortress. The garden and views were “zween” – the Diriga word for beautiful. Then came the moment all of us were so excited for: the beach! Although we couldn’t swim, we had a great time rolling up our pants and splashing around in the Atlantic. We then came back to the hotel and the kids are about to explore the city while grabbing dinner. As the experience comes to a close, I feel so bittersweet. This trip has tested my boundaries and pushed me to grow as a person. The relationships I have formed will definitely last a long time.