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Gift ideas

Hello everyone,

I’m so excited about the coming trip and I got an impression by reading your intros, that this is a competitive swimmer team! I feel super safe as a non-swimmer here, haha… OK let’s get back to the topic!

You might think about what to bring to give as a gift for you homestay families, right?  Does it give you a headache? Here are my thoughts and ideas which might inspire you:

Firstly, from the perspective of a Chinese, we love to hear your story, so gift that relate to you would be great. Things like a photo of you and your family, or a postcard that you wrote, a piece of your drawing if you like making art, or even an empty card that you could write during your homestay and give it by the end of your stay would also be fantastic gift.

Secondly, from the perspective of dragons instructor, I would also suggest to bring small  gift that represent your culture background, things like small piece of fabric, or anything you would like to present cross culturally.

I have been always like the idea of continuing something after a trip. Continuity if that’s the correct word. So maybe write an email to the family child once you return home would also be a cool thing to do, although this is a bit not quite a ‘gift’ but have a think from here, what do you want to continue about a relationship that is unique in your life….

See you soon in Kunming!



attached is the photo I took in the plane that shows the time differences in my journey to LA. You will see it in opposite way once you embark your journey from LA.