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Photo by Parker Pflaum, Summer 2014

Great First Day

Great start to our first day in China! After a days with of games, meals, and making jiaozi, everyone seems to have gotten used to the timing and are ready for day two’s hike up the wall! Hope to update everyone again soon!
– Kethan

Well we made it through the plane rides and the rest of the boys and myself are excited and interested in the new experiences we are and will be having. Right off the bat we went through the Beijing airport where we saw the extent of which the security has been upgraded. In addition, the technology was very impressive to Matej. The architecture was very different and after leaving the airport we found ourselves staying in a small village right under a mountain that had the great Wall on it. The hosts were very gracious and didn’t hesitate to provide us with a delicious selection of dishes for lunch including crispy pork and spicy tofu. After lunch we walked over to a basketball court and shot some hoops. When we finished we played some more group bonding themes before learning how to wrap dumplings which, despite not being the best looking, tasted amazing. Today, I look forward to climbing the great Wall with my friends and am excited for whatever else is to come.