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Greetings from your iTeam! (And a few notes about our Yak Board)

Hello Dragons!

I write to you from the Dragons annual staff orientation campsite nestled in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. Our iTeam (Instructor team) has convened in person and are getting to know one another and working to create a meaningful, dynamic course for you all. We are so eager to meet you all and embark on this journey through Myanmar as a Dragons community.

In the meantime, though, we understand you may have questions, concerns, nervousness, excitement, anticipation—the list goes on. We encourage you to post any inquiries on this Yak board. As an iTeam, we will be checking it every day as well as posting last minute reminders and updates related to our course. We also highly encourage your loved ones to subscribe to our Board, as it’s the best way for them to get updates of our experiences and whereabouts throughout our course.

Please also continue using our Yak board to introduce yourselves— thank you to all who’ve already shared introductions. You can be as creative as you’d like in introductions but if you need inspiration, consider including:


~ Age or school year

~Where you are from / where you are currently living

~ If you have done a Dragons course or similar type of program before (if so, where?)

~Something you are excited about or something you hope to learn in Myanmar (or) why you chose this program

~ A quote – perhaps your favorite, or one that inspires you at the moment

Thank you and wishing you all a smooth next few weeks as you continue to prepare for our course.


Hannah, Siang, Greg