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HI, my name is Tristan Sinagra, I”m 19 and I live in Boston, Mass. at the moment.  Originally I’m from a fishing community called Gloucester, MA. But it seems like my whole family is moving to Europe, my Mom to Portugal, one sister in Italy and the other in London. So I’m not sure where I’ll be living next.  However, I do know I’ll be in Berlin, Germany next year for my freshman year of Bard College. I just graduated from Brookline High School.

I’m interested in languages (although, I haven’t started learning Burmese yet!).  I can speak at varying levels of proficiency French, Italian, Portuguese, learning German, Arabic and I’ve fooled around with a few others. I”m really good at convincing people that I know more languages than I actually do. My love of languages is somewhat ironic considering how introverted I am.

I’ve never done a Dragons program, but my sister has done one in Guatemala and I’ve traveled some in France, Portugal, the UK and when I was about 8 I visited my sister in Lesotho, Southern Africa.

I’m really interested in Philosophy. I took it senior year and learned a bit about Buddhism. I didn’t expect to go to Myanmar, originally I thought I’d like to go to Morocco (to learn more Arabic), but Myanmar was recommended because of my age. So it’s a whole new world which I’m open to learning about. I’m interested in advancing my knowledge of philosophy especially in practical ways.  I’m a bit concerned about the political situation regarding the Rohingya people in Myanmar.