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Hi! My name is Jordan Kurtzman. I’m 15 and I’m from Madison, New Jersey. I just finished my sophomore year at Madison High School. I have two dogs and three siblings. I like painting, drawing, movies, and music. My favorite bands are Queen, The Beatles, and R.E.M. I play bass guitar and my favorite academic subject is math. I run cross country in the fall, and in the winter I have done set crew for the musicals at my school for two years.

A song that describes how I feel about this course is “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

I’m not sure what my family’s history of migration is, but I know I’m mainly Swedish and a bit of Irish and my dad’s side of the family is Jewish.

If I was a plant, I would be a Bird of Paradise because I’m a little eccentric sometimes.

I’m really excited for the trip this summer!
See everyone soon!