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Hi all,

I’m Jane from South Korea. I go to a boarding school in Groton, MA, so my time is split between two continents. I am a rising junior, and I like studying math and physics at school. I don’t neglect my artistic side, though, because music is pretty much my life and my outlet for everything. I play some guitar and minimal piano, but I mostly sing. I’m excited to be the head of my school’s a cappella group and be in charge of Open Mic this upcoming year. I also write and perform my own songs.

I have been to summer camps abroad before, but never something as culturally immersive and foreign to me as this trip. I’m honestly a little nervous for the homestays and absolutely clueless about what they will be like. However, I’m relieved that I’ll have a support group of peers and instructors to help me through any rough patches I might have. I’m also very excited to explore the incredibly diverse ecosystems. I don’t really get to spend time in nature during the school year, so I’m grateful for this opportunity to engage with the lush natural world of Madagascar.

I can’t believe it’s only a week until we’ll be off to= what I anticipate will be one of the most impactful trips of my life. See you all soon!