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Hey everyone!

I’m Lula i’m a rising junior from NYC and i’m so excited to meet all of you. Neither of my parents are from the US (my dad’s from Jordan and my mom from the UK) but i’ve lived most of my life on the Upper East Side. I go to an all-girls school that was actually the inspiration for gossip girl and have never done a program like dragons before. I love playing sports and being politically active and have been on my school’s varsity lacrosse and varsity debate teams for the past two years. I also started an activism club last year and edit our current events magazine.

I’ve been so lucky to grow up in a place as amazing as NYC and even though it’s my home in so many ways the main reason I was initially drawn to Madagascar was because it provides the opportunity to step out of how crazy life in the city is for a while and experience something completely different in a place nowhere like New York or the Middle East. I also love going out whenever I can and spending time with friends and I can’t wait to do that with all of you in a few days!