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Photo by Grace Powell, South America Semester.

Hi families!

Stealing a few moments to pen a short update:

We just boarded the night bus to Cochabamba after arriving back in Sucre following our trek. The past 2.5 days saw our students cover 20K through some of the most beautiful country many have ever seen. Our kids visited Neolithic cave paintings and placed their hands into 70 million year old dinosaur footprints outside Maragua, slept under the stars, prepared a traditional watia (cooking potatoes in an earth oven in the fields), shucked corn and observed Jalq’a weaving techniques in Potolo. Though the going was at times tough, our students supported each other throughout. Many learned to enjoy the benefits of being unplugged and of slowing down to observe their surroundings more closely than a hurried life affords them time for. We could not be more proud of our students for meeting the challenges of these past few days.

Tomorrow we will arrive Tiquipaya and begin our homestays. Our kids are anxious to meet their families, their Spanish teachers and to settle into a different rhythm of life over the next four days. We look forward to continuing the practice of slow walking and slow looking while deepening community together.

With gratitude,

Erik, Chris, Yolanda, Whitney, Luis and Itzá