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Hi I’m Hope!!!

Hi everyone!
My name is Hope Lane and I’m super excited to meet all of you guys in a couple of weeks! I am fifteen and from Port Washington, NY (Long Island) which is about 45 minutes from NYC. I am super passionate about dance, tennis, baking and helping people! During the school year I am on varsity tennis and am in my school’s science research program. I am also passionate about social justice and am in a program through my temple where we examine different social justice topics with seniors each month.

My main reason for going to Madagascar is to disconnect from my high stress lifestyle and experience a totally different way of life (and different types of stress?!). I also take French in school, so I am hoping to utilize and improve upon that in Madagascar. Additionally, I love hands-on education and am excited to be learning from people and experiences instead of textbooks and powerpoints!! I am really excited to see the lemurs that everyone talks about when you tell them you’re going to Madagascar! However, I am actually terrified of all animals (even my own dog) so don’t expect me to get too close to them!!!

I have spent the past eight summers at Point O’ Pines which is a sleepaway camp in upstate NY. For the 7 weeks I was there each summer, I was completely disconnected from technology so hopefully that aspect of this trip won’t be too challenging for me.

I can’t wait to get to know all of you!!