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Hola, amigos!

Hello everyone!

My name is Caitlin, and I am from Seattle, Washington. I’ll be starting my junior year in the fall, and I’m feeling very nervous about the infamous increase in workload that is supposed to come with it. I love watching netflix, spending time with my friends, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and pretty much anything that gets me outdoors. I row for my high school’s crew team and can happily talk about for hours the grueling, yet wonderful, experience of being a rower. Also, ever since I was little, my favorite thing to do has been to travel. I’ve been extremely lucky to have traveled many times with my family, but now, I’m so excited to have an adventure with out them and instead with you guys!

My connection to Peru is a slightly odd one. My family is from England, so when I was little, my mum would always read me her favorite British children books from when she was a kid. Out of all the books she read me, my favorite was always Paddington. If you don’t know the story, it’s about a bear “from darkest Peru” that makes his way to an unexpecting family living in London who take him in. I recently looked up why the author, Michael Bond, chose to have Paddington from Peru. Turns out, Paddington is based off of the Spectacled Bear, which originates in Peru. I don’t think this connection is exactly what inspired me to travel to Peru, but it certainly was the first time I had heard about this magnificent country we are about to voyage to.

I’ve always felt that I have two homes. One in the north of England where all of my non-direct family reside and now including my brother who is there for university. I think what connects me to England the most is food. My granny’s cheese scones that she bakes for us when we get off the brutal flight. British chocolate that I’m sorry but is just so much better than American stuff. And of course, our full english breakfast that we sometimes even make here in Seattle when we are really missing England. What connects me to my main home in Seattle is just all the memories I’ve made with my friends and family. Whether it be hikes in the mountains, rowing races on Lake Washington, or coffee shops downtown, I feel like every where I look I can think of a time that brings me happiness.


I can’t wait to see you all in Miami!


* this is a photo of me, my mum, and my godmother hiking in the Pacific Northwest