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Homestay gift response

Hi Everyone,

Love seeing more and more intros coming up. We are excited to hear from the rest of you as well!

Ethan posted a question a few days ago about gifts for homsetay families. We are planning on having two homestays, one in Parque de la Papa, and another in the Amazon. Gifts can be simple and small. While we engage with homestays to learn from the culture of our hosts, they are equally eager to experience the culture you all bring with you! Bringing something that represents your home/culture is a great conversation starter, and a nice thing for them to remember you by. Family is also super important to the families we work with, so a photo of you with your family is a great thing to supplement a small gift. A gift doesn’t have to be something that you buy, but also something that you! Don’t forget about those options 🙂

We just finished planning our orientation schedule, and can’t wait to get started! Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of us here yet, but we will post one soon.