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Homestay weekend

Previous to my arrival at Beijing, Rose had informed me of the little English her dad speaks and the absolute zero her mom knows. At the airport, Rose’s mom and I exchanged a simple “ni hao” with each other, after which Rose served as a translator between us. This was the exact interaction I had imagined would occur and will occur throughout this entire week. Upon entering their house, Rose’s father greeted me in English, and we continued to talk. Unfortunately for me, though, her dad is rarely at home. That night, however, her mom completely surprised me. After solely speaking in Chinese to me, her mom proceeded to close my blinds. I immediately remarked how they were automatic, to which she replied with, “Automatic?…Oh! Yes, yes! Automatic!” I hesitated, dumbfounded at how she could know such a random word. My amazement continued to the next few days, as she wished me “good morning” and knew the name of various foods and phrases. All of the awkward conversations I had envisioned vanished instantaneously. Despite the few times Rose needed to facilitate, I still immensely enjoy talking to her mom, and we definitely have become close with each other. Never had I imaged in my wildest dreams that I would find a second mother halfway across the globe.