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Homestay weekend

My host-student is named Chauncey and his family lives in the inner city of Beijing. Chauncey’s family is extremely kind and caring toward me. They live in an apartment building on the 12th floor. Each floor is a single apartment room; as soon as you exit the elevator, you can find yourself in their mud room. Double doors, that lead you inside the house, are on the right of the mud room. When you go inside the double doors, the kitchen and the dining room table is on the right, which also leads to four bedrooms. The living room is on the left, which leads to another bedroom and an office. This past weekend, Chauncey and his brother lead me to various restaurants and shopping malls. When we are not eating at a restaurant, we are a very well made dinner in the apartment. Also, the nights we have had together so far, Chauncey and I find ourselves playing basketball with many other people. I am very happy I get to stay with this family and could of not asked for a nicer and more caring family.