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Homestay weekend

It’s Sunday. In the morning we visited the summer palace, followed by lunch and a visit to the center of Beijing and Bahai Park. On our way to the center of Beijing, we passed by Central China Television tower. My Chinese parents had told me there was a restaurant at the top of it. We proceeded to visit Tiananmen Square and the National Opera House. It was here Nolan and I were told we were going to the tower for dinner, and it was buffet style. Awesome! Later did I find out that the dining area rotated, with a 360° view of the city! The view was astounding and the food was delicious. I had many different foods from different parts of China and different countries! Seeing the city lit up at night was breathtaking, and the sunset glazing over the mountains in the background made for a great night. I would definitely recommend that other students visit there.