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Homestay weekend

I first met Arianna and her mom at the airport after a long 13 hour flight. I was dirty and smelly but they still jumped at the sight of me. Arianna is my exchange student. Although she was not able to come to the United States I feel as though our connection is just as strong as the other student who were able to see there students in the US. My host mother is Li Hui. She is so nice and although she does not speak English we are able to communicate very well. Li Hui is a incredibly talented cook and has even gone so far as to teach me how to make wontons. She has taken me many places in China and tought me lots of things. Arianna’s father is very nice. He speaks many languages including Cantonese and English very well. Her older sister Susain also speaks English and is in college now. She eats dinner with us almost every night and is an absolute pleasure to be around.

I have also had the pleasure of spending time with Arianna’s cousin and aunt. Her cousin Eric took me around the temples in Beijing including the Temple of Heaven and Earth. While walking among the Temples, Eric translated for his aunt and tought me some of China’s great history. He tought me things like how the Temple of Heaven is layed out in a circle to represent the sky and the Temple of Earth is layed out in a square. Eric and his mother taught me lots of things on our journey. I have also meet Ginny, who I believe is one of Arianna’s cousins who attends college in Beijing.

My host family is incredible, I would not trade them for anyone. I am truly thankful to them for hosting me. If you are reading this thank you so much. I will definitely have to come back and visit you again.