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Homestay weekend

When we got off the plane at the Beijing airport, I was ready to jump on the plane and head back home. I was really nervous about leaving home and the first day was very hard for me. The first two days, I missed home and my family bunches. However, once we started to do some activities, I’ve began to have more and more fun. Hanging out with my friends and talking to them has helped ease my nerves being 8000 miles from home. Each day I am getting more comfortable with the city. It’s also interesting to see all the differences from not only Virginia but the whole United States. Some differences include the more aggressive driving in Beijing and the amount of people and cars. So far I am thoroughly enjoying this trip to China. I’m in the process of reaching my comfort zone and knowing what I like in terms of food. Overall, I think for the rest of the trip, I will have a great time because once I got over my nervousness, everything became much better.