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Homestay weekend

On Sunday morning Mary and her parents took me to the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven was the place where the emperor used to pray to the heavens for good weather. Mary’s dad really wanted to show me the Seven-Star Stones, which are seven huge rocks placed together with mountains engraved in them. Since the Temple of Heaven is so big we couldn’t find it! It seemed like we were walking around in circles for twenty minutes. Both Mary and her mom were ready to quit and just leave, but her dad kept us going and eventually we found it! There was a huge crowd of people near it but they weren’t looking at the stones. Mary’s dad told me it was a bunch of older people setting up their adult kids. They tell each other how successful their kids are and set them up on dates because the kids are too busy working. Mary told me about how there are always three doors in each gate, and you should exit from a different one than you entered through for good luck. I think the coolest part was the Echo Wall, which is a huge circular wall surrounding two buildings. If you stand on one end of the wall and talk, someone standing fifty feet away on the other end can hear you perfectly.