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Homestay weekend

As we arrived in Beijing, I met Adele’s family, who spoke little to no English. I was not appalled by the idea, but Adele’s family seemed extremely scared to talk to me without her present. When we went home, there was a great language barrier and I could only understand a few things that they were saying. I could understand phrases like “你好“ and “谢谢”, but I had already learned a good amount of phrases to recognize. Adele’s ma was afraid to talk to me due to the language barrier, although I was excited to be obligated to speak Chinese and learn more. However, she did take thousands of pictures and would speak Chinese to me. On Sunday, I got the most practice of my speaking. With Adele’s father I explored the forbidden city without anybody who spoke English. We figured out how to use an app for translation from Chinese to English. However, as he would speak, I began to understand some of what he was saying so that he didn’t have to use the app anymore.