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Homestay weekend

Saturday was our first full day in Beijing. Our hosts created plans to walk around Houhai and go down a street where there are several shops and food vendors. We walked around for a bit and I bought a couple of fun things. After we walked around for a bit, I went and purchased some refreshments and snacks. I bought a mango tea smoothie and a kabob that consisted of sugar covered strawberries with a edible rice paper wrapping. We continued to shop and then eventually went to a restaurant for lunch. After we ate lunch we went and walked around for a bit longer. We saw the boats that my sister rode when she was on this trip years ago. We were picked up and I went to dinner with my host family at a cool restaurant called Hotpot. I tried cow stomach, pig stomach, and a pig brain there. We also ordered the noodles and while our waiter was stretching them by swinging them around, he hit me in the face. This was probably the best first day possible in Beijing.