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I’m Coltrane, Nice to Meet You!

Hi all!

My name is Coltrane. I’m 17 and I live in sunny Los Angeles. I’m Chinese-American and both of my parents speak Mandarin, which is why I want to learn! My mom was born Hong Kong and my dad was born here in California. Growing up I was much more exposed to Cantonese than Mandarin. Hopefully, my Mandarin will be better than my Cantonese when I get back!

When I was 10 my mom decided to home school me and my brother. Ever since, my family has used our flexibility to travel while learning. Last year I decided to get my GED and graduate from high school to focus on music. I enjoy playing piano and would love to learn about traditional Chinese music and instruments. Food has always played a huge role in my family. I believe there is nothing quite like a nice meal with lots of friends and family!  I’m excited to start our journey together!

-Coltrane Liu