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Hello, my name is Ella, I’m 16 and live in Connecticut. My family has thrown me into traveling since I was young and Spanish was definitely the expected language to learn. I’ve taken 4 years of Spanish classes in school and have travelled to Spanish speaking countries throughout my life but I want to expand further upon that which is one of the reasons why I signed up. I’ve also travelled with a group of students multiple times including an exchange program to Leon, Spain but every trip has been no more than 2 weeks long and with my school so I wanted a new challenge of being with a group of kids I’ve never met and being away from home for an amount of time I have never before.

Some more information about me, from travel I found a love for mountains which paired well with knowing how to ski since I could remember. This interest has overwhelmed my time and become a passion of mine these last 3 years. This led me to switching schools to The Ethel Walker School this year and my team winning the New England Championships in Alpine Skiing. I am also on my schools cross country and tennis team and enjoy listening to music, spending lots of time with friends, and yoga with my mom 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting all of you and experiencing Guatemala with this group.

Hasta pronto!